Established in 1989, TOSHIBA TEC Singapore has over 30 years experience in designing and manufacturing industrial solutions and POS systems.

We have been serving Fortune 500 companies with solutions including Point-of-Sale (POS), ATM Terminals, Self-Serve Kiosks, Self-Serve Ticketing Systems, Lottery Terminals, Industrial Control and Automation, Digital Signage, Payment Terminals, Healthcare Printing Systems and many more embedded applications.

With this background and accumulated experiences, we knows what our customers want. More importantly we can achieve customer’s expectation and satisfaction with these qualifications:

TOSHIBA TEC Singapore has a strict policy restricting any hardware, firmware, component, or driver change without official notification through our formal Engineering Change Order process. Without exception, all engineering change orders are communicated in advanced to customers. Few companies can guarantee such stringent control.

Flexible supply chain network and production facilities for HMLV and LMHV (High Mix, Low Volume and Low Mix, High Volume).