Kiosk Printers

Toshiba’s high performance and reliable printers guarantee smooth daily operations. A perfect solution to your business.



KOP-3S01 Kiosk Printer


is a reliable printer that performs high quality and fast printing. It comes with a loop presenter for advanced anti-jam functions. It’s a perfect choice for kiosk business to take full advantage of this printer’s performance to ensure smooth daily operations. What’s more, the printer is designed with reliability in mind to withstand real life usage and demanding environments.


KOP-3S02 Kiosk Printer


is a compact size kiosk printer that comes with high performance to ensure smooth daily operations. High-speed printing comes with a high durability and reliability for continuous printing quality to mininise down-times. This printer is equipped with anti-jam and jam feature which is only available on costly printers.


PPR-3S01 Ticket Printer


is a perfect choice and ultimate solution for gaming, lottery, betting, airport, theatre, and any high speed transaction applications.


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