PCBA Turnkey Services

Our Services

Levering on more than 30 years of experience, we offers one-stop PCBA solutions including electronic component sourcing, PCB assembly, chip programming and functional testing etc.

Through continuous improvements, we strive to bring to you PCBAs of higher flexibility, complexity and most importantly, assurance through reliability

Our Assembly

Fully compliant to RoHS, our assembly lines comprises of surface-mount (SMT), reflow and double reflow, through-hole wave soldering line; and the BGA Rework machine.

Analysis and Testing

We offers in house analytical and testing services at our facilities. Some of the capabilities are:

– Thermal stress cycle testing

– Vibration, shock and drop testing

– Environment testing

– Waveform testing

– Automated Optical Inspection

– Visual Inspection

– Destructive solder analysis

– Non-destructive 3D X-Ray Analysis

РIn-circuit testing using fixtureless tester, and more


Today, if you send us the Gerber files and Bill of Materials, we are almost ready to purchase the material to help you build the boards.

With no obligation, feel free to drop us your enquiry.


3D-X-ray and CT scan


Fixtureless Tester