If there is a technological revolution underway, look no further than the Healthcare Industry.

With budget cuts and stricter regulation challenging the Healthcare industry today, technological innovation is the way forward for this multi-billion dollar industry.

A revolution in technology has created solid telehealth and e-Health programs with the Point of Care moving away from hospitals and into patients’ homes.

The keywords for the Healthcare industry are: Effectiveness, Technology Transformation and Keeping a Skilled Workforce in a world of changing demographics.

Making full use of TOSHIBA TEC Singapore advanced ODM design capabilities in combination with world-class testing and certification, healthcare organisations feel at home at TOSHIBA TEC Singapore.

TOSHIBA TEC Singapore can design, manufacture and service Point-of-Care PC solutions to Healthcare providers around the world.


Our available products can be viewed on our website, however, contact us via email or phone for consultation on how we can meet your exact needs.