Transport & Logistics

Nowadays, economies around the world cannot function without secure intermodal transport and supply chains that literally make the world go round.

Transportation & Logistics companies in every region of the world are dependent on transport infrastructure. And transpiration, as one of the world’s largest industries, is fundamental to the health of economies around the world. This includes airfreight, shipping, rail and road transport.

TOSHIBA TEC Singapore is specialised in providing professional ODM/OEM services to the transport & logistics industry since 1989.

We are an innovative team player with a pro-active attitude when it comes to help companies become more efficient, at the same time improving customer satisfaction and increase their focus on a company’s environmentally footprint. Why settle for anything less?

With over 30 years of hands-on experience in embedded platform design and manufacturing, we delivers superior quality platforms for organisations in the range of box-type solutions, all-in-one terminals and more complex mechanical combinations.

TOSHIBA TEC Singapore stands for world-class in-house engineering and development and importantly, secure intellectual property programs that ensure your ODM program is never compromised.

Embedded solutions from us are designed with a low Total Cost of Ownership in mind from Day 1, with ease of use and minimum maintenance making us your best choice for your next program.


Our available products can be viewed on our website, however, contact us via email or phone for consultation on how we can meet your exact needs.