First, our payment terminals changed the way people paid for their shopping. Electronic Funds Transfer at the Point of Sale (EFTPOS) is the standard payment method across the world, displacing the use of cash in many places.

TOSHIBA TEC Singapore has been at the forefront of developing payment terminals for the world.
We are a complete in-house manufacturing facility and as such we design, produce and service our products ourselves.

Our highly trained and experienced team of professionals delivers the highest quality and the most up to date design for the required banking solution in your region.

We specializes in embedded systems to provide the best payment processing service on the market.

Our products are highly reliable and customized with built-in security features as well as short recovery times required by the banking industry. We have extensive EMV PCI know how and is EN60128 and EN60121 compliant.


Our available products can be viewed on our website, however, please contact us via email or phone for consultation on how we can meet your exact needs.