Environment Activities

Activities for reducing environmental impacts

To maintain sustainable global environment, we perform various activities to reduce environmental impact.


Toshiba Carbon Balance Program

It is clear that human activities are affecting the global climate, so it is vital that we find ways to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions.

This is where carbon balancing can help. Carbon balance is a way to reduce the amount of CO2 released into the atmosphere by balancing or cancelling the amount of these gases through participation in environmental projects.


Earth Day Tree Planting on 28 April 2018

A total of 21 volunteers from Toshiba and e-waste partners (8 companies) took part in this year Plant-A-Tree program. This program was in collaboration with National Parks Board and Garden City fund on 28 Apr 2018 at Kallang Riverside Park. A total of 5 trees were planted. The name of the species planted is: Syzygium zeylanicum, common name Kelat Nenasi. Flowers attract moth, butterfly; fruits are eaten by birds, squirrels and other fruit-eating animals.


Annual E-waste Collection

To promote the awareness on proper disposal of electronics waste (e-waste), we organized annual recycling week for employees to collect and dispose their e-waste to licensed e-waste collector at our company. The event ran from 29 Apr to 3 May 2019 and collected 489 kg of e-waste for recycling.


Singapore Packaging Agreement (SPA)

After signing the SPA, Toshiba TEC Singapore has been active in reducing packaging waste, including replace wooden pallets with plastic pallets, use reusable metal cages to reduce plastic film, worked with supplier to use plastic container and trolley to reduce packaging wastes. Through usage of sustainable resources in packaging and minimizing packaging materials in our product, it reduced product cost and enabler lesser fuel to transport products.