Integrated Management System Policy


We shall integrate Quality, Environmental, Health & Safety considerations in our business decision making to enhance customer satisfaction, manage environmental impact, provide safe and healthy workplaces to prevent injury & ill health and safety hazards, such information are readily available to interested parties. We strive to continually improve our management system with the following commitments:

1.We create quality products and services with pride and passion, keeping our customers in mind all the time and everywhere.

2.We respect each and individual employee, develop one’s abilities and together we foster an open and healthy corporate culture and we tirelessly seek new challenges.

3.We fulfill our responsibilities toward each country and community in which we operate, we respect the local culture and history, and we comply with the statutory and regulatory requirements.

4.We improve and maintain a healthy and safe work environment through proper safe work procedures, managing hazards and implementing risk controls, these includes consultation, participation and feedback from employees.

5.We harmonized environmental management system with business activities, products and services, with respect to the reduction of environmental impacts, response to the climate change, sustainable consumption and production, and conservation of biodiversity.

6.We take the necessary information security measures to prevent information leakage.

7.We strive to maximize our corporate value to achieve appropriate profits and reserves to meet the expectations of our stakeholders through implementing management innovation and investing in research and development.


Yasutoshi Serizawa
President & Chief Executive Office
1st January 2022