Butterfly & Bird Watch at Ang Mo Kio Town Garden East & West

TOSHIBA TEC Singapore collaborated with NParks to conduct butterfly and bird surveys at neighbouring Ang Mo Kio Town Garden East and West started from May’2016.

The data collected from the butterfly and bird surveys helped us to understand the common species residing at the park and contributed to rehabilitation efforts.





Butterfly Watch Seasonality Survey

We joined Butterfly Watch programme organized by NParks to conduct butterfly watch seasonality survey at Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park.

The data collected are used to analyse the relation between their seasonal appearance with the plants, temperature, humidity, predators, parasites/ viruses, environmental changes and a host of other factors.



Endangered Native Plant Conservation Project

Dendrobium Aloifolium, is listed as critically endangered species in The International Union for Conservation of Nature’s Red List of Threatened Species (IUCN).

We introduced and planted Dendrobium Aloifolium in our premises, aiming to safeguard the species and increase reproduction opportunities.

Bird and Butterfly Attracting Plant Project

We have planted different pollinator attracting plant in our premises, as a continuous habitat enhancement effort, aiming for reproduction of plant, including food crops.


Planting of Kantong Semar a Native Plants in PT TEC Indonesia

Recommended by Indonesia environment authority, PT TEC Indonesia started planting Kantong Semar in year 2016, by cutting and developing from original 2 plots mother plants, it have increases to 5 plots.

This plant in Indonesian is called Kantong Semar and is a carnivorous plant that lives in tropical forests. Common swamp pitcher plant comes from genus Nepenthes.

The physical feature of this plant is the tendrils on its tips of leaf that form a pocket and are used as a trap for prey (insects).